A Message from NYWLE President Kimberly Shappy

Written by C.J. Ostrowski. Posted in About Us

What a great opportunity it is going to be to serve as your 2019 President. We are a small yet growing organization, which is currently 300 members strong. We include women, men and students all associated with the criminal justice field. We are not just for women and not just for police officers. I encourage you to look at our website, participate in one of our many regional events or come to our conference to see what a great organization we are and the many opportunities that exist.

With that being said, what an exceptional conference we had this year! I wanted to thank everyone who worked hard to make it a success, especially our sponsors. The planning and organization of these trainings are such a team effort and we could not accomplish what we do without our dedicated Board of Directors and strong membership working together as a team. It was so nice to see all the new faces enjoying themselves, networking and learning. It makes it extremely easy to be motivated and look forward to another outstanding year as we celebrate together our 10th Anniversary. How honored I am to not only be President but to serve during this monumental year.

Let’s stay safe this holiday season and throughout the upcoming year. Try to make it a priority to become active members in the New Year. We will be working hard to keep our website up to date and organize community events throughout the year. Remember to renew your memberships and recruit new members within our criminal justice family to help build a stronger foundation that will lead to not only accomplishing our goals but crushing them! What a magnificent year this is going to be…may we all look out for each other, support each other and lift each other up now, throughout this year and always.