2019 Conference Topics & Speakers

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2019 NYWLE Annual Training Conference

Topics & Speakers

Joyful Heart Foundation
Ilse Knecht- Director of Policy and Advocacy; Joyful Heart Foundation
The rape kit backlog is a national crisis that affects public safety and derails survivor’s pursuit of justice. Hundreds of thousands of untested kits sit untested across the country. The presentation will explain the causes of the backlog, the impact, and what Joyful Heart Foundation is doing to end it.

Comatose to Champion: 4 Principles (my 4 “M” formula) for Smashing Through Roadblocks and Living Your Best Life
Eric Laughton - Major, New York State Police
A personal survival story intermixed with Eric’s “4 M” formula for success on how to overcome any situation and accomplish your goals.

Leadership Panel
Inspector Neely Jennings - New York State Police
Judge Kate Hogan - New York State Court of Claims
Chief Mary Ritayik - New Paltz University Police
Chief Theresa Shortell - New York City Police Department
This accomplished group of women leaders will share their challenges, experiences and lessons learned along the way as they rose through the ranks in their various organizations.

Use of Force Legal Issues and Investigations
Michael Puckett - Senior Training Technician, Division of Criminal Justice Services
Mark Rusin - Detective, Syracuse Police Department
This presentation will consist of an overview of the new use of force training being conducted in NYS by DCJS as well as considerations for related investigations.

Crime Analysis - Making it work for you
Kathryn Mendolera - Crime Analyst, Erie County Crime Analysis Center
Julie Horn - Crime Analyst, New York State Intelligence Center
Crime analysis is a law enforcement function that uses quantitative and qualitative techniques to analyze data and identify patterns or trends in crime and disorder. Crime analysts have access to a myriad of tools and resources that allow them to assist law enforcement agencies in their policing and investigations. During this presentation, analysts from the New York State Intelligence Center (NYSIC) and the Erie Crime Analysis Center (ECAC) will discuss these tools and resources that are unique to their agencies. Both analysts will elaborate on these resources using real-world examples of how these investigative tools have assisted law enforcement in the past, and how they may support your department in the future.

Sexual Offense Trauma-Informed Victim Response Training Standards
Tracey Downing - Director of Training Programs and Initiatives, Mayor's Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence
This presentation is an overview of the newly enacted Sex Crimes Victims' Bill of Rights act and trauma-informed engagement with victims who have experienced sexual violence.

Baby and Toddler Trauma Investigations
Leigh Bishop - Babies and Toddlers, Inc.
This presentation addresses the complexities of baby and toddler trauma investigations including the difficulties law enforcement officers may face when conducting a serious physical assault fatality investigation involving a pre-verbal child. Case examples and recommendations for best practices in law enforcement investigations will be provided.

Breaking the Burnout Barrier
Brandielee Baker - Code 9 Training Program Director
This session will focus on the subtle, and not so subtle, signs of burnout/emotional fatigue that sabotage our ability to maintain our motivation for our own personal health and wellness. Discussions will focus on the hidden excuses and real- life responsibilities of family, work, relationships, etc. that impede us from making simple, but highly effective, changes for health improvements in our lives. The LAB portion will consist of guiding the participants through practical exercises in movement, focus, breathing and relaxation related to the lecture. All exercises will be simple, easy to use, tools for increasing motivation, releasing anxiety and enhancing focus.

Beyond the Database: Working to Resolve Cold Case Missing and Unidentified Cases
Lori Bruski - National Missing and Identified Persons System - Regional Program Specialist
The presentation will include the analytical resources available to law enforcement, medical examiners, and coroners once a case is entered into NamUs. Real case examples will be discussed throughout the presentation to show attendees the benefits of working with NamUs and how the resources have assisted different agencies with locating next of kin, researching possible names of unidentified persons, providing possible matches of missing persons using NCIC data, and how the information has contributed to positive identifications.

Media Management
Darcy Wells - Communications Director NYS AFL-CIO; Former Public Information Officer NYSP
This presentation will cover the dos and don'ts when dealing with the media. We will talk about best and worst practices, how to handle the tricky questions, the 24 hour news cycle, and how to stay on message. We will also talk about how to use the media for your own benefit and will role play a breaking news exercise with some willing volunteers to put some of the media management skills to the test.

Fitting “fit”ness into your already hectic Overwhelmed Life
Lisa Loughran - Retired Captain; New York State Police
Lisa, a married mom of 3, has figured out how to fit fitness into her world of organized chaos! Whether you work on patrol, behind the desk or are the commanding officer, Lisa will give you tips for surviving the chaos by taking time to take care of yourself.