Nicole Weston


Nicole Weston is currently an Investigator with the New York State Police, assigned to the Special Victims Unit and Forensic Investigative Support Services Unit in Albany, New York. Nichole has 19 years of service with the agency. During her 13 years as a Trooper on the road, she was also a member of the EMS Unit who conduct emergency medical training to members of the NYSP and the Mobile Field Unit (MFU) who train and are prepared to respond to civil disturbances anywhere in New York State. Nichole was then selected to join the Protective Services Unit (PSU) for the Governor of the state.

Nichole has been a member of NYWLE for over 10 years and has been an active member in her region and has served on multiple conference committees. She is currently serving in the office of Treasurer on the Board of Directors.

Nichole enjoys the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, camping, fishing, snowmobiling, skiing and mostly the beach. She believes that there is enough room for all women at the top and we should support each other to get there, be a leader in your life, and be of service to others by serving your community, even in small ways.

Nicole is currently serving as an Officer on our Board of Directors as the Teasurer.

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