``To strengthen the Law Enforcement Community through the celebration of diversity, the promotion of education and the development of leaders.``


NYWLE was developed by a core group of 14 women representative of the many different areas of law enforcement within New York State who served as our founding Board of Directors. These women all shared a vision to strengthen the Law Enforcement Community through the celebration of diversity, the promotion of education and the development of leaders. To date, our organization has expanded to almost 400 members, led by our Board of Directors comprised of 21 women from across the state.

Each year, NYWLE hosts an annual training conference which affords women and men in law enforcement the opportunity to enhance their professional and personal lives through a range of relevant training topics. The election of new Board Officers takes place at each conference.

We are looking for both women and men who would like to work together to strengthen public recognition of the unique contributions of women to the profession of law enforcement.


Support & Promotion

To support the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in law enforcement.


To create a program for continued mentoring of both women in law enforcement and students interested in criminal justice.

Community Service

To sponsor community service projects which promote a positive relationship between law enforcement and the communities we serve.


To facilitate the sharing of training opportunities and to deliver such programs for the personal and professional development of its members.

Developing Leadership

To serve as an advocate for the development of the leadership skills and qualities in its members at whatever level they serve their individual agencies/organizations.

Maintaining Balance

To assist and support its members in maintaining the balance between their professional and personal lives.


Meredith Kaiser – Glenville Police Department

It is my honor to lead the New York Women in Law Enforcement into an energized and inspired 2024. On the heels of the 2023 conference in Suffern, NY that should be an easy task, after hearing from such powerful speakers as former NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell and First Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Police Department Tania Kinsella. Like these very successful women, we have many strong role models right within the NYWLE organization.

Some of these women have served as informal role models and mentors to me during my time in this organization. As we progress through the next year, I will continue to look up to these mentors for guidance and direction. I will also look behind me so that I may raise up those who may be just starting out in their careers or those who may be going through their own challenges.


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