Kimberly Shappy

Recording Secretary

Kimberly Shappy is currently a Zone Sergeant with the New York State Police, assigned to Headquarters – Administration in Albany, NY.  Zone Sergeant Shappy has been a member of the State Police since February of 2005. She was previously stationed at the New York State Intelligence Center and prior to being promoted to Zone Sergeant was a Sergeant at Division Headquarters – Field Command, Grant Management and Administration.

Before her promotions she worked the majority of her career as a Trooper stationed in the western part of the State. In addition to her regular duties and responsibilities as a Trooper, she was a crime scene technician and a child safety seat technician. She also has served as an academy training officer.

Zone Sergeant Shappy previously served as the NYWLE Western Region Director and while serving organized the 2015 NYWLE 6th Annual Training Conference in Rochester, NY. Now residing in the Capital Region, she was on the conference committee for the 2016 NYWLE 7th Annual Training Conference and the 2019 NYWLE 10th Annual Training Conference both held in Saratoga Springs, NY and previously served as the co-Capital Region Director.

Zone Sergeant Shappy is currently serving as an Officer, Recording Secretary on our Board of Directors and is a member of our NYWLE Scholarship Committee.

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