Nichole Weston

Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Nichole Weston recently retired as an Investigator from the New York State Police. With over 20 years of dedicated service to law enforcement, Nichole has left an indelible mark on the force, particularly in her roles within the Special Victims Unit, Forensic Investigative Support Services Unit, and the New York State Police Academy in Albany, New York.

During her commendable career as a Trooper, Nichole served on the front lines, protecting and serving the community. She spent 13 years on the road, where she not only upheld the responsibilities of a Trooper but also contributed to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Unit. Through this role, she provided vital emergency medical training to members of the NYSP, ensuring the safety and well-being of officers and the public. Nichole’s dedication and commitment also led her to be part of the Mobile Field Unit (MFU). As a member of this elite team, she trained to respond to civil disturbances anywhere in the state, bolstering the readiness and preparedness of the New York State Police.

Nichole’s exceptional skills and professionalism did not go unnoticed, and she was subsequently selected to join the Protective Services Unit (PSU) for the Governor of New York.

Beyond her exemplary service in law enforcement, Nichole is an active member of the New York Women in Law Enforcement (NYWLE) organization. With a decade of membership, she has played an integral role in her region, actively contributing to various conference committees. Currently, Nichole is the Treasurer on the Board of Directors

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