Meredith Kaiser


Meredith Kaiser is currently a Sergeant with the Glenville Police Department. Sergeant Kaiser has been a police officer with the department since 2008. She was promoted in May of 2022 as the first female to be promoted to a ranking position in the history of the department. These accomplishments were not only achieved by the support of our administration, but with the support and guidance of the amazing members of this organization. Before her promotion, she worked patrol and had specialized training in accident investigation and animal cruelty investigation. As a Sergeant, Meredith has been assigned as the department’s Wellness Coordinator. She has been focusing on bringing mental and physical health awareness and support to the members of the department.

Meredith has been a member of the NYWLE since 2012 and attended her first conference that year in Syracuse, NY. Since joining, she has found that the support and guidance from the member’s of the NYWLE has given her the inspiration and confidence to grow in her own career. Seeing what the other member’s of the organization have accomplished has shown her what is possible. Meredith joined the Board of Directors in 2022 and became the Vice President in early 2023. She takes pride in being the best leader and role model she can be for other women and men in law enforcement. Meredith is very appreciative for the opportunity to give back to the NYWLE and help the organization to grow and thrive.

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